for the health and beauty of your legs without varicose veins!

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Health and lightness of your legs with the "VARICOBOOSTER" balm!

The strength of the VARICOBOOSTER balm is its unique formula, which combines everything needed to effectively treat varicose veins and make your legs
beautiful and healthy!


  • eliminates the feeling
    of leg heaviness and fatigue
  • reduces capillary
    permeability and fragility
  • reduces edema and

Horse chestnut
and birch leaves

  • strengthen the vessel
    walls and make them more elastic
  • eliminate
    microdamage to the skin
  • eliminate leg pain, edema
    and fatigue

lemon oil, soya and
coconut oil

  • deodorize and reduce
  • get rid of the feeling
    of dryness and tightness
  • deeply moisturize
    and nourish leg skin

Wormwood, menthol,
chamomile and nettle

  • give the legs lightness
    and strength
  • freshen and
    disinfect leg skin
  • speed up the healing
    of microcracks

Caffeine, honey and
ginkgo biloba

  • provide gentle care and
  • stimulate blood flow
  • activate tissue
  • speed up cell

Use the VARICOBOOSTER balm regularly
for several weeks and you will see a clear reduction in varicose veins!

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100% healing effects

The product is certified in the EU and passed clinical testing.
You will see improvements after using the balm for just 1.5 weeks! Do you want to try?

It is easy to see the efficacy of
the VARICOBOOSTER balm for yourself!!

With regular use of the product for varicose veins, the first improvements can be seen in just 1,5 weeks. It nourishes and tones the leg skin, eliminates cracks and microdamage.

Certainly long-term use of the balm is the best way to prevent and treat varicose veins!

This efficacy and quick action results from the natural ingredients of the VARICOBOOSTER blam. The product went through all the necessary laboratory tests and is completely safe for the user. The result is guaranteed based on thousands of positive reviews from around the world!

The beauty and health of your legs with reliable protection from the natural ingredients of the VARICOBOOSTER balm.

The VARICOBOOSTER balm is a certified product that meets all the quality standards. Beware of counterfeit products! The VARICOBOOSTER balm is sold ONLY in original packaging!

The efficacy of the VARICOBOOSTER balm
has been demonstrated and is supported by thousands of positive reviews from around the world!

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Expert’s opinion

Most women, but men too, are familiar with the feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs. Often people go to a specialist once the condition has progressed and varicosis is advanced. As any other doctor, I think prevention is the best treatment of disease. So I recommend the VARICOBOOSTER balm to my patients.
It is very effective for varicose veins and can prevent disease. In addition to these important properties, the balm is extremely calming, refreshing and deodorizing.
The VARICOBOOSTER balm will free you from the feeling of fatigue in your legs quickly and easily, and give you lightness and strength at the end of a working day.

Is it harmful?

The VARICOBOOSTER balm consists only of natural ingredients and contains no parabens, colorants, synthetic aromas or GMO products. It is certified and has no side effects.

Treatment cycle

The duration and efficacy of the treatment cycle is individual and depends on the stage of the condition. The average period of balm use to start seeing results is 1.5–2 weeks.

Where to buy?

In the EU, our company is the only official supplier of the VARICOBOOSTER balm and you can place your order on our website. Only buy authentic VARICOBOOSTER products!

Each balm package has a trademark and a unique registration code.

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For EU countries: 4-7 days after order placement.


is sold only in original packaging with a unique
identification code! Look for it on the packaging!

You can check the code on the website — VARICOBOOSTER
Buy only authentic VARICOBOOSTER products.

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